Contributed Talks

Below is this list of contributed talks for QCMC 2018. Each contributed talk will be 15 minutes long, and an additional 5 minutes will be given for questions.

  • Client-friendly verifiable continuous-variable blind quantum computing — Nana Liu, Leandro Aolita, Si-Hui Tan, Joseph Fitzsimons and Tommaso Demarie
  • Fault-tolerant quantum metrology — Animesh Datta and Theodoros Kapourniotis
  • Improving a solid-state qubit through an engineered mesoscopic environment — Dorian Gangloff, Gabriel Éthier-Majcher, Robert Stockill, Claire Le Gall and Mete Atatüre
  • No-Hypersignaling Principle — Michele Dall'Arno, Sarah Brandsen, Alessandro Tosini, Francesco Buscemi and Vlatko Vedral
  • Unconditional Shot-noise-limit Violation in Photonic Quantum Metrology — Sergei Slussarenko, Morgan Weston, Helen Chrzanowski, Krister Shalm, Varun Verma, Sae Woo Nam and Geoff Pryde
  • Round-robin-differential-phase-shift quantum key distribution — Zhen-Qiang Yin, Shuang Wang, Wei Chen, Guang-Can Guo and Zheng-Fu Han
  • Experimental demonstration of quantum effects in the operation of microscopic heat engines — James Klatzow, Jonas Nils Becker, Patrick Ledingham, Christian Weinzetl, Krzysztof Kaczmarek, Dylan Saunders, Joshua Nunn, Ian Walmsley, Raam Uzdin and Eilon Poem
  • Limits on spectral resolution measurements by quantum probes — Alex Retzker
  • Ultra-Efficient Single-Photon Source Via Time Multiplexing — Fumihiro Kaneda and Paul Kwiat
  • What Do We Learn About Quantum Correlations From Collaborative Quantum Computing? — Tim Ralph, Farid Shahandeh and Austin Lund
  • Interfering photons in orthogonal states — Alex Jones, Adrian Menssen, Helen Chrzanowski, Valery Shchesnovich and Ian Walmsley
  • Sub-Shot Noise Stimulated Raman Spectroscopy with Parametric Homodyne Detection — Yoad Michael, Leon Bello, Michael Rosenbluh and Avi Pe'er
  • Experimental Tests of Indefinite Causal Orders — Lee Rozema, Giulia Rubino and Philip Walther
  • Measurement-based linear optics — Rafael Alexander, Natasha Gabay, Peter Rohde and Nicolas Menicucci
  • Experimentally simulating the dynamics of quantum light and matter at deep-strong coupling — Nathan K. Langford, Ramiro Sagastizabal, Marios Kounalakis, Christian Dickel, Alessandro Bruno, Florian Luthi, David J. Thoen, Akira Endo and Leonardo Dicarlo
  • Spatial entanglement patterns and Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering in a Bose-Einstein condensate — Matteo Fadel, Tilman Zibold, Boris Decamps and Philipp Treutlein
  • Intra-city high-dimensional quantum cryptography with structured photons — Frédéric Bouchard, Alicia Sit, Robert Fickler, Jérémie Gagnon-Bischoff, Hugo Larocque, Khabat Heshami, Robert Boyd and Ebrahim Karimi
  • Observation of a non-linear interference on silicon waveguide — Takafumi Ono, Gary Sinclair, Damien Bonneau, Jeremy O'Brien, Mark Thompson, Jonathan Matthews and John Rarity
  • Quantum Enhanced Microscopy with Squeezed Light — Helen Chrzanowski, Peter Humphreys, Animesh Datta and Ian Walmsley
  • Towards high-dimensional entanglement-based quantum communication in free space — Sebastian Ecker, Fabian Steinlechner, Matthias Fink, Bo Liu, Jessica Bavaresco, Marcus Huber, Thomas Scheidl and Rupert Ursin
  • Recurrences in an isolated quantum many-body system — Bernhard Rauer, Sebastian Erne, Thomas Schweigler, Federica Cataldini, Mohammadamin Tajik and Jörg Schmiedmayer



We would like to acknowledge the support provided by the US Army Research Office to help make this event possible.

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