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Call for nominations for the 2018 Quantum Communication Award

The International Quantum Communication Award honours outstanding achievements in quantum communication research.
It is presented biennially at QCMC. In the past, the award winners have been as follows:

1996: Charles Bennett, Carl Helstrom, Alexander Holevo, Horace Yuen
1998: Jeffrey Kimble, Peter Shor
2000: Paul Benioff, Christopher Monroe, David Wineland
2002: David Deutsch, Serge Haroche, Benjamin Schumacher
2004: Richard Jozsa, Prem Kumar
2006: Ignacio Cirac, Philippe Grangier, William Wootters, Peter Zoller
2008: Jeffrey Shapiro, Akira Furusawa, Anton Zeilinger
2010: Gerard Milburn, Masanao Ozawa, Christopher Fuchs, Alexander Lvovsky
2012: Jian-Wei Pan, Seth Lloyd
2014: Nicolas Gisin, Reinhard Werner
2016: Rainer Blatt , Artur Ekert

Nominations should be submitted electronically not later than 12 Midnight UTC on Wednesday, November 1 to the QCMC award committee
awards.qcmc2018@phys.lsu.edu. Two winners will be chosen from the nominations, one each in the theory and experiment
categories. The nominations should include a short CV of the candidate, a letter containing a one-page summary of the candidate's
achievements, a list of key publications. The nomination should be prepared in pdf-format.

For the QCMC2018 award committee


Jörg Schmiedmayer,
QCMC 2018 Award Comittee